To What You Limit Yourself It’s Just Your Imagination.

Supranzi Granger
5 min readFeb 3, 2021


Don’t fear after seeing the path that’s in front of you.

In our life, at some point, most of us might have heard this “ You can’t do this” from others and “ This is far from achievable for you or this is beyond your strength” from yourself. This always happens right, whenever we try to do new things or take risks in life we hear demotivating words, we can’t blame others when we ourselves have second thoughts about our decision.

Please don’t forget, whatever you planned to start or do is because you wanted to make a change in your life, you wanted to come out of your shell and try new things and take risks, So, never give up your wish or plans, just because of other's words and also to your own discrimination. Give it a try at least and That’s all it takes for your beautiful journey, believe me, you will find your decision not to give up fruitful later, whether you win or lose the experience you gained whether it’s good or bad, will be a great treasure to carry it with you, for the rest of your life.

So far we saw how much it’s good to not give up on your idea and how much it’s important to keep going right. But after deciding what to do we get millions of other questions such as Where to start? When to start? How to start? Will I have any trouble and so on.

See, I get it, none of us wants to get into any trouble so believe me you have decided to do it because, by heart, you know this going to be good and might cause a great change in your life by bringing what you need. So don’t think about the worst-case scenarios at the start itself let your seed root.

And to answer this question, When to start? or From where I need to start? I would say right this moment when you have decided to do it. There can’t be a perfect moment other than this. I don't know what would I have done if I didn't start writing this blog I wasn't looking for the right moment or day, though I was having an idea to write for some time, one day I had this sudden urge to write and strong desire to bring my words and thoughts to light at that moment I know I need to do now or never I don't want to put off this idea anymore, write that day I started writing, that’s how I wrote my first article, and I’m glad I did it, who knows, maybe I would have backed off the next day and didn’t start to write. And I need to accept that not everything you want to start is as easy in my case where all I needed was to write. But what I’m saying is do some initiatives right at that moment definitely you can catch the branches from there and move ahead.

Let’s consider you want to start your own business, yes you need to have some investments and other stuff related to it but what I’m saying is at least at that moment start planning what you want to do as a business? or anything like that “so you can sow your goals or plans” because the next day your same mind may be like “Why you need to do this, you can’t risk your job for yourself or you family? ”.


~ Arthur Ashe.

Now that we have started to execute our plans, our mind starts to play its own tricks which we find great at the start, before we even get a grip of things we want to do, we start to overthink like how much we are going to get out of this it can be money or any other benefits, also how or when we have to end this, we start to create an imaginary milestone for a work that has not even come to light, etc. we start to create our boundaries instead of letting our ideas to grow, that’s where we start to fall. Let your idea grow, do what you have to do till it gives you the fruit you wanted to taste. And don't stop after that, keep going till… well that eventually happens on its own with time but till then don’t give up.

Remember, your dreams or the achievements you can do are limitless, live it, do it, for how much ever time you can, till you can.

The limits you create to your dreams are the ones, that, hold you back from accomplishing greater heights in your life.

Understand the difference between your plans for accomplishing your dreams and the limits you set for your dreams or ideas. Plans here don’t act like a boundary they help to achieve the milestones that you set and help you to move in an orderly manner, overcome your difficulties and make improvements. Whereas the limits you set, creates an illusion of a boundary to your thoughts and dreams unintentionally and clouds the thought that you can even go beyond it, once you reach your imaginary limit it stops you from achieving more because it makes you feel you have achieved already. Successful people keep moving always thinking of what they can do more because they know there are no limits for you to achieve in that discipline you can go how much ever you want.

Just imagine, if Thomas Edison has limited himself to 500 experiments we wouldn’t have got these amazing Light bulbs that took 1000 failures for him to invent. Also if he had limited himself to one invention we wouldn't have got is other mindblowing inventions. Not only him most of the scientists Just think if the world’s renowned scientists stopped themselves after achieving one inventory then half of the inventions we have today will never be invented in the first place.

Life is about ‘not giving up ‘ and ‘continuing even after you accomplish your dreams to accomplish even more.’ Accomplish whatever you have in your way till life takes you to its end.

Nothing is going to stop you except your imagination & limitations and never question your capability, so if you have a wide imagination, without limitations and faith then nothing will stop you. The world is yours. Go and get it.

“If you believe something needs to exist, if it’s something you want to use yourself, don’t let anyone ever stop you from doing it.”

—Tobias Lütke



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